Let black girls bleach if they want to

I just want to ask a quick question and be on my merry way…why is it that when a black girl wants a lighter complexion we say she suffers from “self hate?” I mean, at what point does personal preference become self hate? She can be taller (wear heels), have longer hair (wear weaves), have longer nails ( wear acrylics), have fuller lips (wear lipstick), etc….but she can’t lighten her skin? Why is skin the predefined threshold for self hate?

And even more interesting, why is it that white girls can darken their skin through tanning but we don’t call that self hate? White folk have tanning beds, spray on tans, bronzers, tanning lotions, tanning booths, tan accelerators, hell they even take holidays to sunny destinations all in the name of darkening their skin…why isn’t that ever called “self hate?”

It seems to me there exists some sort of colour spectrum that goes from dark black girls all the way to pale white girls and most people want to move to the caramel centre of said spectrum. Which is fine by me…can we just stop calling it self hate when Black girls do it.

*Just scribbling my melanin thought*

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