10 Ways to Justify Attacking Foreigners

There has been a spike in the number of attacks on foreigners in South Africa of late. As with any social event nowadays, social media is where all the discourse (and not much action) is taking place. I followed the trending hashtags this morning (#Xenophobia, #XenophobicSA, #XenophobicAttacks) and compiled what appear to be the ten most common justifications for these attacks on foreigners. So, without further ado, here are 10 ways to justify attacking foreigners:

  1. Illegal immigrants bring crime to South Africa
  1. Immigrants cause unemployment because they take jobs from South Africans, lower their salaries, and hurt the economy
  1. Black immigrants scrounge off the state, whilst white immigrants pump money into the economy
  1. Immigrants who have legal papers do not commit crimes
  1. Immigrants come to South Africa to get grants and other free State services
  1. Immigrants don’t spend any money in South Africa. They send all their money back to their home countries and leave South Africans with no money
  1. Illegal immigrants are the source of many communicable diseases
  1. Immigrants don’t integrate; they just dilute the values of South Africans
  1. Illegal immigrants do not pay any taxes and they cost more than they contribute
  1. It’s easy to be a legal immigrant…just go to Home Affairs

So next time someone asks you why you’re attacking a foreigner, pick a reason above. It might just save your blushes….shame it won’t save the foreigner’s life.

*just scribbling my thoughts*

One comment on “10 Ways to Justify Attacking Foreigners

  1. nandi says:

    I am south african and this is unfair!


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