Chill Out America!!!

Big Freeze


The past week’s been pretty cold for most of the US. From the Midwest to the East and South, record low temperatures have been felt from Boston to Birmingham. I must admit, the images on the news look hectic. I’m sure some people are probably opening their fridges just to warm up their houses.


Schools are closed, roads are iced out, flights delayed or cancelled. Tuesday even proved too cold for some polar bears. A polar bear at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo apparently didn’t want to leave her enclosure because of the cold. I don’t know what kind of polar bear is scared of the cold. She must be Mexican…an Hola Bear! 🙂


I saw on CNN that Embarrass in Minnesota saw temperatures of -37°C. MINUS 37? WTF?! If temperatures went that low here, I’d pay a prostitute 50 bucks just to blow my hands. Minus 37C is lower than the deep freezer in my house. If the temperature was -37°C here right now and my house was on fire, I wouldn’t call the fire department. Just let it burn. I’m freezing out here. Hell, even the snowman would break into the house. Had you gone to some old folks’ homes in Embarrass on that day, I’m pretty sure you’d have found their false teeth chattering…whilst still in the glass.


On a sadder note, some people are even dying in the cold. Two men died in Massachusetts while duck hunting on Tuesday…I’m not sure what the duck they were doing duck hunting in -20°C temperatures. Must be some extreme duck hunting sport or something. Sad loss nonetheless.


But in all this, I saw a rather heart-warming (pun!!!!) story in the news about people who are opening their homes to the homeless so they don’t freeze to death. Very noble gesture. I couldn’t help but wonder though….what happens when the weather gets better? You kick them back onto the street where they’ll die from drug overdoses, heart diseases, pneumonia, and/or good old fashioned murder? I guess that’s better than freezing to death right?


I leave you with some of my favourite pics from the BIG U.S. FREEZE….


*just scribbling my frozen thoughts*


Big Freeze1 Big Freeze2 Big Freeze3 Big Freeze4 Big Freeze8 Big Freeze9


2 comments on “Chill Out America!!!

  1. Greg Urbano says:

    omg on that ice!


  2. Nailmattic says:

    Oh my goodness!


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