New Years

I know we’re about a week into the New Year so it’s a little tardy of me to only now be wishing you guys a Happy New Year but hey, an optimist would say I’m super early for next year; a sort of premature ejac-New Year-lation. 🙂

For most of us, today was actually the beginning of 2014 seeing as it’s when the majority of us are returning to work. I know for me the last few days have been more like December 32nd to 36th than January 1st to 5th.

So yes folks, hope 2014 has started with a bang for all of you. For me, it’s actually been okay so far. I’m expecting a pretty good 2014. Whilst last New Year’s eve I stayed up to make sure the old year actually left, this New Year’s eve, I stayed up to see in the New Year. I hope you did too.

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL. I leave you with some of my New Year’s resolutions for 2014:

1. 1024 by 968 pixels (see what I did there? Lol!)

2. Volunteer to work with neglected kids (my own)

3. In the name of a healthy lifestyle, I will not sit at the computer all the time. I will try to stand also.

4. Use a whistle to hurry up slow walkers.

5. When someone says “truth or dare?”…I’m going to go with “truth”. I can’t risk a repeat of the time I had to take a sedative and a laxative at the same time.

6. Make out with an ex….I mean “make-up” with an ex. 😉

7. Think up new excuses to not go to work. I’ve killed too many relatives; it’s like genocide now.

8. Remind myself that WIFE does not stand for Washing, Ironing, Fcuking, Etc….

9. Put suspicious quotation marks in every text I send e.g. I just “had my breakfast”

10. In fact, instead of resolutions, I think I’m going to just make a list of everything I did on New Year’s eve and add the word “Stop” at the beginning of everything.

*just scribbling my 2014 thoughts*

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