Happy birthday to me!!!

So, it’s my birthday today…again. There seems to be no reprieve to this ageing process. One minute I’m a kid whose only ambition in life is to put as many pieces of candy in his mouth as possible, next minute I’m submitting my tax returns. What happened in between? Where did my joyous youth go?

That first kiss seems like an eternity ago now. Charlotte, oh I remember her well. Although I don’t know if that was so much a kiss as a slurp. Poor girl. That said, I did set the bar so low that her next kiss must have felt like an orgasm from an angel. So kudos to me for that.

Losing my virginity! Again, feels like forever ago. Birthdays and birthdays have passed since that “special” night with *****. I lost mine that night but I can’t be certain she lost hers. I mean, that first time sex feels like a contortionist double act on a unicycle. I couldn’t tell whose arms or legs belonged to who. Wow, time sure does heal all wounds…and circus accidents.

My first job was like 10 birthdays ago now. Who’d have imagined I’d still be working today? I always thought I’d have made enough to retire by now. But then again, I hadn’t been acquainted with Credit. Who’d have known bank balances can get below zero? …and stay there for numerous birthdays? Satan exists folks…and I’m sure he’s in finance.

Anyway, I had a brilliant birthday weekend all in all & I hope to see many more. Don’t have much to scribble, just wanted to say thanks to all who made it special. From my family, to colleagues, to friends in the real world & in the virtual one.

*just repeating my birthday thoughts*

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5 comments on “Happy birthday to me!!!

  1. ntombomXhosa says:

    Happy Birthday, and thank you for the witty n funny blog posts!


  2. Your Joy is contagious! Wowawee! The professor feels you can hardly wait till next year’s birthday right?


  3. Happy Belated Birthday!


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