My response to “WHAT EXACTLY DID WE STEAL FROM YOU” on Shane’s blog

This is my brief-ish response to the post “WHAT EXACTLY DID WE STEAL FROM YOU” on Shane’s blog. I actually reblogged this article a short while ago for context, so feel free to check it out on my blog. Alternatively, here’s the link:

Every time I see a demagoguery laden post such as this, I always tell myself I am not going to respond to it but I always end up getting sucked in. Ah well, I can’t help it….

My response:


Firstly, well done on the profanities. I find that’s the best way to progress discourse on the racial issues that are affecting South Africa.

With regards to bringing “civilisation” to Africa; this argument is fast becoming mundane and borderline banal. Let me use a very basic analogy that you will hopefully understand:

You get to someone’s house and find them and their family sat on the floor eating their dinner using their hands. They’re sat around a fire which they are using for warmth and light, a fire they used to cook their dinner. You arrive with a shiny fork and tell them to use that instead of their hands; you give them chairs and tell them to sit on those rather than the floor; instead of sitting around a fire, you give them a dinning room table to sit around, lamps for light, heaters for warmth, and a stove for cooking.

I ask you then: Have you introduced civilisation?

To what extent was this family uncivilised prior to your arrival? They were eating cooked food, conversing, were warm, and had light. Where exactly is this lack of civilisation you speak of? It is a fallacy to assume that Africans were living a life of, to use your words, “savagery” prior to the arrival of white settlers. Their needs were met, they ate, they reproduced, they adapted to the changes brought by Mother Nature. How is this savagery? How is it uncivilised? Settlers merely came with different methods of doing things. If you do your household budget with a pen and note pad and I bring you an iPad with a budgeting app, have I brought civilisation?

As for the “what exactly did we steal” argument, I can only describe it as denial, which as you know is the probably the most common defence mechanism at our disposal as humans, especially in the face of atrocities. From the holocaust to slavery, from colonisation and numerous genocides to apartheid, there is always some form of denial associated with these acts. I kind of understand it. It’s not easy to face such realities especially if you have an association with the perpetrators. It’s much easier to refuse to admit or even recognise that something has occurred and, in this case, is currently occurring. Would you want to teach your kids that one of the reasons they have a much better chance at life than a black child is because of past injustices? I wouldn’t either if I was you. It’s much easier to call black people lazy savages waiting for handouts. Why do you think the British government for a long time conveniently skipped Colonisation from its school curriculums?

The problem with denial is that it requires a sizeable investment of energy. Look at the hate being spewed by yourself and the numerous comments in response to your post. There is hardly a single intellectual response. Only numerous paranoid white people calling black people monkeys and savages. I wonder if one day any of you will realise that it’s much easier to face the truth and play your part in rectifying it than to carry all this hate and denial.

One of the comments on your post talks about how “white people are suffering in South Africa” because of the “black government” and “reverse apartheid in the form of Black Economic Empowerment”. To this commentator I ask, “Where are these suffering white people?” In fact, I think those that ran away to countries like Australia post 94 are probably closer to “suffering” than those that stayed. As the recent census showed, over 82% of white people still live in the upper class of South Africa’s society. Furthermore, it showed that, if white people stopped amassing wealth, it would take black people almost 52 years to catch up. And all of this in a country that still allows “white Afrikaner only” apartheid-esque communities like Orania and Kleinfontein to exist freely. I wouldn’t mind that kind of suffering for black people.

South Africa is predominantly made up of two groups of people:

1) the black majority who were battered into a severe inferiority complex through years of abuse

2) the white minority who were battered into a severe superiority complex through years of preferential treatment.

People forget that apartheid messed white people up too. The only difference was you were living comfortably and continue to do so today. Otherwise, you’re just as messed up. That’s why there are so many white people who get upset when they see successful black people; it’s because they can’t comprehend how it is that a black person is better than they are. Truth is, that black person has always been smarter and better than you. The only advantage you had was the protection afforded to you by apartheid. That protection gave you the aforementioned superiority complex which is what makes you SO mad at any black success story.

Intelligence and success is not race based. There genetically exists nothing in the racial make up of an individual that makes him greater than another. So to think you are better than another human being purely based on your race is like concluding that one car is faster than another purely based on their colours; it’s ignorant, nescient, retarded, and just plain silly.

One just has to look at society (or the responses to your post) to see that South Africa still has some way to go before realising racial harmony, if that is at all possible. But while racialism continues, so does the ticking on this time bomb we are all sat on; and one day the ticking will come to an abrupt end…and you know what happens then…(((BOOM)))…everybody dies.

***just scribbling my response***

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13 comments on “My response to “WHAT EXACTLY DID WE STEAL FROM YOU” on Shane’s blog

  1. I totally agree with you Tawanda,i stumbled upon Shane s blog and was just thinking that is probably the most racist,untrue and quite ignorant article i have read in ages.


    • ImTawanda says:

      True hey. I don’t know what’s sadder, his post or the numerous ignorant readers that commented in agreement with him.


      • Taariq Maarman says:

        No Tawanda, you are the ignorant one, look around man and see what is happening in the New SA, it is a cesspool of crime, rape , murder, anarchy and missery where the government and police are bigger criminals than the thugs out there, but you guys call it democracy, wake up man….!!!!


    • Just had to leave a comment- absolutely LOVED this response. Thank you so, so much. As a white SA guy,Shane’s comment made me sick to my stomach and the responses/support posts on his page made it even worse.

      Shot for calling out BS where it was!!!


      • ImTawanda says:

        Thanks for reading. Maybe one day God will turn us all inside out then there’d be no black or white or brown or whatever…just a uniform fleshy red.


    • Piet Bester says:

      Tawanda, do you live in South Africa? Probably not, if you do, under which rock have you been the last 20 years? Have you not seen the horrible genocide of 80,000 whites and the crumbling of the whole system that was built by the white ancestors of the people that are being murdered every day? You can see the reason for apartheid around you now by the very reasons that I have mentioned above, and you can not bare to see a white guy complain! Shame on you because you are a libtard and probably Jewish, the people who invented political correctness, terrorism and the word racist to get what they want, and that is always stealing from the people who worked for what they have. So get your facts together and go study SA history because you have no clue what happened here!!!!!!!!


  2. Spectre says:

    I actually tried to respond to his blog after having read his ridiculous comments but they chose to block my views from reaching the height of the masses. I totally concur with your response to this madness they are trying to disperse to our young generation. Nonetheless, the points I tried to raise ranged from the. grade 5 history I learnt from school which taught me that civilisation started in Egypt & I wonder if Egypt is in the West or Africa. I also argued that, they betrayed and regarded our gesture of altruism as a form of imbecility (since we welcomed sick settlers in our land and provided them with food and medicine). Moreover, I tried to inform them that gold was not discovered by prospects as they suggest, but by black people who knew what to do with it (google Mapungubwe). White people are sometimes defending a system which does not directly benefit them (colonial spoils which goes to other countries). I argue that defending such a system is equivalent to a black person who regard himself as a capitalist but lacks R20 for a cab to move from Alexandra to Sandton.


    • ImTawanda says:

      True, true, and true.

      I’m sure there were numerous black people with intellectual arguments they wanted to post in response to that article. Sadly, he chose to filter through only those racist comments that complemented his racist viewpoints.


  3. Trent says:

    Shane’s position on race matters is lamentable and a product of 300years of privilege at the expense of blacks and commonly the typical default reasoning of white people who talk of a rainbow nation without any commitment to redress the imbalances of the past.He also uses failure by post colonial governments to run African nation states as a justification for apartheid.What he fails to acknowledge is that black South Africans were never groomed to run a country and secondly in the 13c BC the Ashante (Ghana), Great Zimbabwe, Ancient Egypt (Kemet) (who were not Arabs by the way).Even in the Americans and Europe there are many inventions attributable to blacks that were claimed by the dominant whites in those areas.The same thing can be said about music.Whites did not invent rock and roll, but they wont want you to know that.The culture of Europeans is that of systematically supplanting other races popularising and claiming those finds.Even their teaching of history is questionable , I remember being taught at private school that David Livingston was the first person to discovered the Victoria falls…I mean really? I think the Zimbabwean government must change this to its beautiful original name Mosi-oa-Tunya.There are now about 75 informal white settlements in the Gauteng province.These were former beneficiaries of the apartheid dole system which has since been revoked.I don’t feel sorry for these people they failed to overcome their own laziness and now want to blame the powers that be. Even the mischievous DA is not entirely interested in redressing the vices of the past.


  4. presidentsea says:

    Thank you for attempting to protect our honour. However, Shayne did not deserve half the attention he got. His not worth the effort. We’ve come to a point in our country where people like him are truly so irrelevant, the only attention they get is from the type of stunts he pulled. Next time please save your energy. There is still a lot to be done with it, without entertaining the likes of him. 🙂


  5. Dewald says:

    There is a wonderful book called ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell…it asks some very intriguing questions about our concept of success. More relevant to this article though, is the section on cultural heritage and how that benefits/hinders us. I agree that, as a white person, i was part of a system of cultural heritage which gave me ample opportunities to excel in this country. But redressing the imbalance of the past is more about finding balance in the present so that everyone may have the same opportunities. It is my humble opinion that our wonderful country is an interesting mix of Western civilization and African tradition (mixed with the cultures of so many other diverse groupings of people) and thus it will require a diverse and holistic effort of people’s, knowledge, talents, gifts, hope, love, forgiveness and faith in order to excel. I beg of you to not make the same mistakes as those who came before by not being able to see the ‘good’ in ‘the other’ and letting this beautiful country once again regress to racial rhetoric. President Mandela gave us a dream, not ‘the Black man’s dream’ or ‘the White man’s dream’, but ‘the South African’ dream! Now it is our time to keep this dream alive


    • cristalexi says:

      I think most black want this dream but unfortunately a lot of white people are content to keep the system the way it is because they don’t want to give up their privileges


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