“God will make a way…” #Christianity101

It being Sunday kind of makes it somewhat appropriate to talk about issues of faith right? So, here goes. There’s something that I find annoying about some of my Christian friends. It’s this thing they like to say: “God will make a way”. Allow me to bless you with a few examples:

A friend of mine gets paid at the end of the month like the rest of us. Then she SPENDS like there’s no tomorrow. A few days into the month and her bank account is as empty as satan’s heart – fitting simile hey? 🙂 – You ask her how she expects to get through the month and her answer is simply “God will make a way”

Likewise, a colleague who was studying through University of South Africa had exams coming up but you’d always see him out and about partying. You ask him how he expects to get through his exams and his answer was simply “God will make a way”


And it’s not just them two; lots of Christians love to use this excuse. Yes, I called it an excuse ‘cause that’s exactly what it is. You can’t spend money buying crap when your bills aren’t paid, or spend nights out clubbing when you have exams coming up. You think your bank manager will let a few mortgage or car payments slide because your God will make a way? That the exam board will give you a few extra credits because your God got your back?

And, as usual with Christians, if you call them up on this, they have an arsenal of “defence verses” that they cram especially for times like those. Verses like Luke 6:37 (Do not judge and you will not be judged) or Matthew 7:5 (You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye…) or Matthew 17:20 (You don’t have enough faith…and then something about moving mountains with faith as small as a mustard seed). The list of “defensive verses” is endless. I too once had them crammed for that specific purpose.

Look, I’m not trying to say your God will not make a way. I’m just saying maybe He already has. He did give you a brain, a computer with Excel, the internet with thousands of Budgeting Templates…maybe He’s saying “download a budget and use it rather than spending recklessly?” Maybe He’s saying manage your time wisely so that you are adequately prepared for your exams?

My mom always used to say “…do all that you can and God will do the rest”. God has given you resources…so use them! Do your best then you can call on Him to guide you where you lack. Don’t just jump into a deep dark hole then, when asked how you plan to get out, you say God will make a way. He gave you the brains to work out there’s no ladder or rope to get out of that hole. So best not to jump into it in the first place. In giving you that brain, He already made a way you evangelistic nikampoop (did I spell that right? Maybe I should consult a dictionary? Argh, forget it. God will make a way)

And for those quick to say I’m a blasphemer, you’re the blasphemer for living a reckless life and using God as an excuse to not think before you act a fool.

*** just scribbling my holier-than-thou thoughts ***

Oh, for those of you who don’t believe in God (or any higher spiritual being), just replace God with “the Universe” or “Charles Darwin”…the message is the same…I guess.

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One comment on ““God will make a way…” #Christianity101

  1. marvin says:

    Hay all I have to say is I’m not here To judge only god can do that. so who ever talks about the lord shall answer 1 day.and ow should I say god helps those who help them selfs.


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