Welcome to Zimbabwe: 10 Fun Facts!


Today is Zimbabwe’s Independence Day. Yes, on 18th April 1980, Zimbabwe gained it’s independence from British rule…whatever that means. But anyway, to celebrate our 35th birthday, I figured it would only be fitting if I shared a few fun facts about my beautiful motherland. So here are 10 fun facts about Zimbabwe:

1. Multi-currency – Zimbabwe is the world’s largest Bureau de Change. You can buy a loaf of bread that’s priced at R10 (South African Rands), pay with Euros, and receive your change in US Dollars, Pula, AND Rands. Every Zimbabwean is basically a walking currency converter!

2. Potholes – Our potholes have roads on them.

3. Cholera – Cholera is basically an ingredient.

4. Police – Our police put the ‘demon’ in demonstration.

5. Air Zimbabwe – some seats have no seat belts, so you just tighten the belt you’re wearing on your pants.

6. Swimming – We’d no doubt have the best swimmers…if the Olympics took place in the Limpopo River…and the finish line was South Africa

7. Water rationing – Water rationing is so effective we even turn off the Victoria Falls.

8. Fuel – If a girl asks you to take her out on a date somewhere expensive…you take her to a petrol station.

9. Diamonds – Erm, no, that’s just ketchup on our diamonds.

10. Elections – The fairest and most free elections in all the land. Need I say more?

Bonus Fact: Zim Dollar: As a friend of mine puts it “I’m a huge fan of the rapper 50cent…or as he’s now known in Zimbabwe,  500 million dollars” 🙂

Jokes aside, Zimbabwe is a lovely country and the people are the best. So do visit. I promise you’ll love it. Happy Birthday Zimbabwe!

*just scribbling my independence thoughts*


11 comments on “Welcome to Zimbabwe: 10 Fun Facts!

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  2. I feel bad but I just fell about laughing reading this! I’m not sure if my favourite line was ‘our police put the ‘demon’ in demonstration’ or ‘We’d no doubt have the best swimmers…if the Olympics took place in the Limpopo River’ I love your lightweight approach to serious matters. Am now a follower and a fan – and looking forward to reading more.


    • ImTawanda says:

      Lol. Yes, being lighthearted about serious issues makes it a little easier to deal with and also makes the issue more accessible to people.

      Thanks for reading. Appreciate it.


  3. ifotoblogger says:

    Thanks for this.. Funny but informative.. Haha. A group of Kenyan photographers and adventure travelers that I’m a part of will be coming through Zimbabwe on a road trip on our way to Namibia this September (2013) and one of the countries we’re really looking forward to seeing is Zimbabwe.. Sounds like a fun place to be.. Really looking forward.


  4. zimcritic says:

    wazonispaka rough. hilarious


  5. myliephish says:

    Lmao…literally. Your police has a sister in Uganda.


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