Women: Prey for Life #StopRape


I just heard some horrible news. A 69 year old woman in the Eastern Cape was raped, stabbed, & left for dead in front of her 7 year old granddaughter. What’s worse (if that’s even possible) is that she knew her predators; she knew them so well she let them into her home. They were just some teenage boys she taught in primary school.

In a matter of minutes, three women’s lives were destroyed:

  • A 7 year old; bright, energetic, with her whole life ahead of her, witnessed a horror that no one, let alone a child, should ever have to witness.


  • A 69 year old; wise, kind, with a desire only to share what little she had, experienced an invasive trauma that no one, let alone a women in her twilight years, should ever have to experience.


  • A 35 year old; ambitious, hardworking, single mother of the little 7 year old and only child of the 69 year old. She must AGAIN endure the agony of rape; an agony that no one should ever have to experience, let alone twice.


You see, this isn’t the first time rape has reared its ugly head in her life. She had just completed her Master’s degree and was working her way up the ranks at a reputable company when one day she was raped. Her world collapsed at that very point. She would later find out she was pregnant by her predator. 7 years later, her & her mother must relive this pain. Why? Why them?

It’s easy to think you’re reading some Stephen King-eque horror novel. But you’re not. This is real life. These women are real. Their pain is real. Their trauma is real.

Our church leaders, political leaders, community leaders, the so called heads of our houses are men. Men who read these tragic stories of rape and tell us we must pray for life. How? When it is because of us men that our women are prey for life.

There’s no point tip toeing around the issue. Men are the scourge of our society. My father, my son, and I…we are the cornerstone of this rape culture. We laid the foundation of what is fast becoming a sickening norm; an everyday bastion for our inferiority complexes.

Today I’m not *just scribbling my thoughts*, I’m scribbling my pain, my anger, my shame, and my pure disgust. That marches, campaigns, & protests against rape have to be principally organised & attended by women, the very victims of this plague, whilst us men watch, is sad beyond belief. The only thing more agonising than this rape epidemic is men’s deafening silence towards it. We all began our lives in the womb of a woman. Now in her time of need, is silence all we have offer her?



3 comments on “Women: Prey for Life #StopRape

  1. Tokollo says:

    Thank you for writing this. When women are up in arms about rape and the tacit attitude towards women abuse in this country; most men get defensive and worry about being painted with the same stroke as the violators.
    They worry about how it makes THEM look. It’s sickening and more MEN should be causing an uproar against rape.

    3 generations on women, their lives forever changed by this atrocious act… Thank you for writing about them.


  2. Dipti says:

    I have seen/heard of enough atrocities in India (where as you’d know, similar incidents happen on an ongoing basis) but it sends a chill up my spine everytime I read something like this. You can change the mindset of one man, maybe group of men but a whole nation? I hate to be pessimistic but looks like this is going to be a very very slow change for the better.
    All said, glad to see you voicing this out, well-written.


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