White people are insane…black people are just crazy


For those of you who may not know, South Africa’s legless (and I don’t mean drunk) hero, Mr Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius himself, has been accused of shooting dead his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day of 2013. Apparently he “mistakenly” thought she was a burglar…a very good looking burglar. But hey, who am I to judge criminals by their appearance right?

Before I start scribbling, allow me to point out rather obviously that I do not in anyway condone crime of any nature. From stealing candy to stealing another nation’s mineral resources, it’s wrong and you’re just making Jesus cry. So please stop it.

As I was saying: “White people are insane…black people are just crazy”. Allow me to explain:

One of the court cases that shocked South Africans was that of the so called “Modimolle monster” or Johan Kotze as his mum probably calls him. He’s the white chap who lured his ex to his house, tortured her, whilst simultaneously telling her how much he loved her, and somehow got three black men to take turns raping her.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he lured this woman’s son to the house and shot him. The whole thing was a mess really. Needless to say, Kotze entered an insanity plea in court. After all, who in their right mind tortures his ex whilst confessing his undying love for her, gets three men to rape her, and shoots her son?

But what’s really got my knickers in a twist is the three random black guys who, in my opinion, demonstrated some rather insane behaviour throughout this ordeal. Who accepts an invitation to watch all this happen, then partake? But it appears blacks can’t be insane. They just crazy. Off to jail with them!!!

Look at this Dewani case. Okay so Shrien Dewani isn’t white per se, but he’s a British “non-black”. His numerous lily white lawyers have sighted mental health as one reason he cannot be extradited. They say he’s “too fragile” to handle a court case here in SA. Meanwhile, his co-accused (black South Africans) are all already serving some hefty jail time. But it appears blacks can’t have mental health issues stopping them standing trial. They just crazy. Off to jail with them!!!

A little further from home, remember “Batman killer” James Holmes? That white boy took an arsenal of weapons, shot and killed 24 of his fellow Americans who were out watching a movie. Prosecutors are facing an uphill struggle because he’s entered an insanity plea. And the multitudes of black people in America’s penitentiary system? They just crazy. Off to jail with them!!!

Back home, remember Ernst Volkman? That white dude bludgeoned his business partner to death with an iron pipe. Guess what he pleaded? You guessed it… “non-pathological insanity”. Meanwhile black farm worker Chris Mahlangu who killed white supremacist leader Eugene Terre’Blanche got a life sentence for his crime. Except that whole Terre’Blanche murder case was kind of insane. But you know these black folk just crazy right? Off to jail with him!!!

I don’t know if it’s Lady Justice who isn’t as blind as she claims to be or if white people put a little more thought into their crimes e.g.claiming you shot your super-hot model girlfriend because you thought she was a burglar with a key to your house. Maybe black folk need to start watching the Crime Channel more often instead of hippity hopping to BET all day long. Coz that’s just crazy.

*just scribbling my thoughts*


8 comments on “White people are insane…black people are just crazy

  1. Analyst says:

    I agree Black and White people are just backwards. They really have no idea of morality or Universal order. White people still have an intelligent middle class but Black people are still jungle class. Its just materialism and destruction.


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  4. Adriana says:

    Well written!


  5. lea pikkarainen says:

    This is just heart touching, This white fucked up world we live in, until the people who rightfully own America, take back they land, Yes this land belongs to the aboriginal people who white people call black, wake up people of this world and make this right, get off turtle island, now called America, white people are not insane they are liars, cheaters, killers, and heartless, no soul creatures,


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