Jail all criminals…unless they plead “insanity”…at which point slap them THEN jail them!

I'm insane...s'true!

I’m insane…s’true!

So it’s pre-trail time in the “Batman Killer” case as it’s come to be known. 24 year old James Holmes is back in court for a week-long preliminary hearing in Centennial, Colorado, which will determine whether there is enough evidence to put him on trial on more than 160 counts of murder, attempted murder, and firearms offences.


Needless to say, Mr Holmes is expected to go with the good old tried and tested “insanity plea”. And based on what we’re hearing from the case so far, it appears young Mr Holmes is taking said plea very seriously.


One of the first police officers to arrive at the scene of the shooting told the court he initially thought Holmes was a policeman, due to the combat gear and gas mask he was wearing. How very insane of you James. Apparently they (cops) found a sweaty Holmes staring into space, appearing “out of it” with hugely dilated pupils. Added to this, the cops said he “smelled badly”. Well, nothing says “I’m insane” like committing mass murder without taking a shower right?


Staying in character, (rumour has it) James Holmes apparently acts pretty insane in prison too. Supposedly, he acts like “The Joker”. Really James? You’re going all out insane with this one aren’t you? Need I point out the irony of acting like The Joker when the media has dubbed you the “Batman Killer”?


So I guess the question is: is the insanity act working? Well, whether James is really insane, was temporarily insane, or is just plain taking the piss, legal experts seem to suggest it is working. Some have referred to the case as a “strange and complicated” one. Really?


He’s what I don’t get…how is this case complicated? He killed 12 innocent people in cold blood and left dozens wounded. You have multiple witnesses included CCTV cameras and police officers. You have a confession from the killer. Insane or not, jail him.


Why is the justice system so unnecessarily complex? Yes, trials are supposed to be fair, and take into account all parties’ mental capacity blah blah blah. But come on, it’s time and money that could be better spent healing instead of watching lawyers playing games with and manipulating the judiciary system.


Sometimes you wish these idiots who commit mass murder would all just take their own lives as well. Like this moron who murdered the kids at Sandy Hook elementary in December. Because you know if he had been apprehended he’d have pled insanity and there’d be a long winded court case lasting months and months.


So here’s my humble request to all aspiring mass murderers: please kill your ignorant self-indulgent moronic selves too. We’re sick and tired of your hedonistic cases clogging up our courts.


Ps: I’ve just realised I’ve written about James Holmes before in my post “White folks are insane…black folks are just crazy”. Clearly he irritates the crap out of me…as do most mass murderers.



5 comments on “Jail all criminals…unless they plead “insanity”…at which point slap them THEN jail them!

  1. Nandi says:

    They actually must take their own lives first before killing innocent people. Jail them and throw the keys in hell!


  2. Well he is so called american so probably allowed to waste taxpayers money more that hard- working illegal- immigrant who don’t even get tax return back and pay everything cash which profit this great american economy, do….But yea, please DO kill your “insane” selves before killing our sons and daughters. On the bright side, life is better dead than in jail for life. Think about it…


  3. We have to raise above our fear of Death and stand for what we believe in. When you have No fear of Death, No one and Nothing can stand in your way, Our way,(UNITY) when we finally wake up and come together as a Race, a People,a World. Only then can we become…


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