Thank Yew ANC…

As I lade in my bad lust knight, I could’nt stop thinking about how unfairly the peepul of this lend have bin treating the ANC end in particular our Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga. So please consider this my Thank Yew note to the ANC patty that liberated us end especially yew Mama Angie fore yaw tyre-less work in making hour education system one of the burst in the hole weld.

I was borne and razed in a rural putt of Limpopo were I steel leave with my mother end my brothers. I was borne inside apartheid but near the and. I remember the beautiful sins of those 1994 elections. I was with my mother as she cued for ours on and butt it was worth eat. The site of those poles was saw magical. Finally, there was piece in South Africa.

Skip foreword to today end peepul have forgotten how the hard work of the ANC gave berth to piece in this lend of hours. Its quiet unbelievable how sum of yew mourn about everything everyday. Give them a brake already. They are doing a descent job in many arrears. I never dreamed I wood have an education butt thanks to the efforts of heroins like Mama Angie hear I am in colleague doing a coarse in Lend Affaires. I wander were I would bee write now without the hard work of her end her teem at the Department of Basic Education. Were wood yew bee?

I’m not saying we should bee complaisant end except the education in the country as perfect butt we must give complements were there are dew. Yes, hour stationary inn Limpopo was delivered late butt surely mistakes are aloud specially from a guavament trying to altar the coarse of apartheid.

I worn yew, or bettor yet, I advice yew to not always be septic about hour guavament. Stop this cereal complaining end instead pore yaw energies into giving the storey of South Africa a furry tail ending. As for me, I look foreword to a long carrier inn Lend Affaires were I wheel help felloe South Africans realise they’re dreams of finely owning they’re own lend.

I welcome a replay to my massage.

Thank yew


Ps: A lot of people believe in this government. It’s time government believed in them and gave them a fair chance. After all the grandstanding of this 101 year celebration is done, please work tirelessly every day to fix South Africa’s education system.

*just scribbling my thoughts*

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