Dear White Beggar…

white beggar

I’m sure you’ve seen him before; clothes pressed, hair combed, necktie in that Windsor knot, nails manicured…oh, and a sign written in fluent Afrikaans. Yes, it’s the white beggar…or as I like to call him…a waste of white skin!


I drove past him again today and I always have the urge to have a chat with him. It’s like that giant red button signed DO NOT PUSH…you know that urge you have every time you walk past it? The urge to just push it? That’s it. I didn’t push it again today. Instead I thought I’d do the next best thing and write him a blog post. So here it is:


Dear White Beggar,


Let me start by getting the obvious out of the way first…you know you’re white right? Okay, just wanted to make sure.


Second order of business…why are you so broke?


Between 1881 and 1914, European powers (who incidentally were white men like you) set about invading, occupying, colonising, and annexing African land that belonged to people who looked like me…”non-whites” as you like to refer to me as. What were your forefathers doing during all this? They didn’t think to at least grab a few chunks of gold?


I mean I know why I’m broke. My forefathers had all their wealth molested by yours. It sucks but I guess it is what it is now. I have to start from zero but why are you in life’s overdraft?


Even as the decolonisation of Africa began and took its course, your forefathers kept all the wealth they had taken. They even formalised the ownership of their booty with title deeds, bank notes, etc. Meanwhile my forefathers were left with empty victories and truckloads of bibles. The land and minerals were all yours and you had “documentation” to prove it. What were your forefathers doing during all this? Unless all they wanted from Africa was some “big booty hoes”? But what use is a hoe if you have no land? 🙂


From 1948 to 1994, South Africa was an apartheid state. Your dad and his dad could go wherever and do whatever they wanted. They could get whatever jobs they wanted. You think Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is bad? You’re truly deluded. Apartheid was the purest form of White Economic Empowerment (WEE). In fact, all your white lineage has done to Africa for hundreds of years can be filed categorically under WEE. So I ask you again…what were YOUR forefathers doing during all this?


I’ve been to school and university with some seriously dumb ass white people and they have way way better jobs than me. Even with the imaginary “BEE barrier” they have to supposedly contend with. What’s your excuse? I tell you what, I’ll give you the “wheel chair” you’re asking for and you give me your skin. I’ll be back next week with 50 wheel chairs and the keys to the De Beers safe.


Anyway, credit where it’s due, you do look very smart. And the way you still turn up your nose at black folk? Very impressive. I mean, the least you could do is write your begging brief in English. ‘Cause you’re dressed so smart I don’t know if you’re begging or you’re Jehovah’s Witness…though your alcohol breath kind of gives you away.


*just scribbling my thoughts*


8 comments on “Dear White Beggar…

  1. mhhhhhhhhhhhh!! very interesting post… but why are you angry at him?

    white people are also poor like the rest of us, and to blame history that its ink is almost fading away for our lack of prosperity as black folks is kinda old in my book.

    the world has changed and what you seek with a passion is what you get.

    i think and agree with you that white people have stepped on our toes for so so long, and of course i do blame the colonization of Africa for the poverty and civil wars that are still going on our continent, but in today’s world ,i cant blame a regular white man on the streets for my failures anymore…

    not that color doesn’t still play a big role, yes yes it does, but who gives a fuck in such a politically correct world of today????,

    to be black now is the ” it thing..” as every one mostly whites want to be right in fear of judgement and labelled as racist .

    lets take advantage of this and run far far away and reach for the stars.


  2. Nandi says:

    Hee hee! OMG! I bet even if given an opportunity to be a smart black kid, he will still choose to be a dumb white beggar… Surely he doesn’t know how to use his whiteness!


  3. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    I have stumbled across a new blog/blogger…new for me…and i like his writing style, maybe you might as well. This is Mr. Tawanda’s notepad….*just scribbling my thoughts*. Check him out when you have time.


  4. patricia says:

    because of black empowerment millions of whites were forced out of the jobs to give uneducated black people who friends and relatives in high positions who will rather give jobs to unqualified blacks that know nothing than to fwhites who know what they are doing – NO WANDER THE COUNTRY IS SHAMBLES, BANKRUPT AND NO EDUCATION OR BOOKS, HOSPITALS – NONE OF THIS HAPPENED WHEN WHITES RAN THE COUNTRY –


    • ImTawanda says:

      “Run” the country? What are you on about? Whites didn’t “run” the country. They abused it. Apartheid was built on corruption, murder, theft, segregation, nepotism, etc. Only a moron would think life was better under apartheid.


  5. patricia says:

    whites are forced to beg – because of the colour of your skin does not exempt you from poverty – whites are less fortunate because they did not learn the art of begging – or to murder for what they want – they were taught if you want it you work for it – now you must beg because you are the wrong colour


  6. Jim says:

    What a disgusting and bitter viewpoint you have. If you have a car and a computer to right this drivel on, you clearly have far more than this poor beggar regardless of his race. The behaviour of those in power in Zimbabwe in recent years has hardly help vindicate your view of history from pre-independence.


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