Le’s be nice to Lesbians

Stop gender violence...

Stop gender violence…

There two types of men that really get my blood boiling. The first is the idiot who gets mad when they are hit on by a gay man. Why are you getting upset and all worked up? Just say no. I mean, if a gay man hits on me, I react the way I would like a woman to reject my advances…politely with a simple ‘no’. Why fight? Why throw a fit? Why abuse and go so far as to kill said gay man?

The other is the moron who gets mad when he’s rejected by a lesbian. This idiot I really don’t get. I mean, surely it’s better to be rejected by a lesbian than a straight woman. No? A lesbian is saying, hey, I’m not into men. Even if you had the face of Denzel Washington, abs of Michael Ealy, and butt of…I can’t think of other celebrities but you get the point…, I am not interested in men! A straight woman on the other hand is saying, hey, I love men. In fact, I’d love one right now….just not you. Ouch! Either way, why fight? Why throw a fit? Why abuse and go so far as to kill said lesbian?

Actually, both these men tend to be the same person. They are “the male homophobe”. There are obviously male and female homophobes out here but I just wanted to scribble a bit about the male of this bigot species. You see what makes the male homophobe the more dangerous is his tendency to resort to violence in an attempt to put his very daft point across.

Sadly, attacks on gay people have been on the rise on the continent. Needless to say, this is not helped by this anti-gay culture entrenched in our justice systems. We don’t modernise laws against child abuse for decades and yet laws against homosexuality are revised every week. What a damn shame. But even countries with pro-LGBT laws like South Africa are not exempt from this senseless epidemic of brutal homophobic attacks.

Remember 24 year old lesbian Noxolo Nogwaza who was raped and had her face and head completely disfigured by stoning before she was stabbed several times with broken glass? Or 22 year old Phumeza Nkolonzi of Cape Town who was shot three times in front of her mother and niece in June of this year simply for being a lesbian? A month later, 29 year old Hendrietta Morifi was raped prior to her neck being slit simply because she was a lesbian. Just a fortnight ago, 19 year old Sihle Sikoji was fatally stabbed also just for being a lesbian. These are just a handful of examples in a world where countless numbers of gays and lesbians are dying for being themselves and living their lives.

No one’s forcing you to agree with someone’s sexual orientation, only that you respect it and their right to enjoy the freedoms that you do. SAY NO TO ALL GENDER VILOENCE!

*just scribbling my thoughts*

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6 comments on “Le’s be nice to Lesbians

  1. Cool post. Some nice thoughts!


  2. Dabengwa says:

    Ngochani moda kutinetsa, enda unoparidza marara ako aya muna 1st uone


  3. Bosskc says:

    If only many brothers could think like you. Homophobia is so profoundly entrenched in our black communities and it requires that those who have seen the light to speak out. I’m much impressed with this piece.


    • ImTawanda says:

      Thank you. Sadly, you’re right. It’s deeply entrenched in our communities. We work SO hard to preserve homophobia whilst we neglect so many other real problems. Very sad


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