Hey Africa, Obama isn’t Jesus…not your Jesus anyway

I’ve got to say, there’s something that really grinds my nuts…ouch!…regarding Obama’s successful re-election. It’s nothing about the man himself, but rather about these expectations laid upon him from various corners of planet earth.

As always, let me start by noting that this isn’t soley an African problem, it is a global phenomenon. I focus only on Africa because it is the continent I know, understand, and love. I am African after all.

Following President Obama’s re-election, current discourse on social and traditional media seems to be concerned with what “Barack’s going to do for Africans”. The commonplace headline seems to be “Africa expects better from Obama after he disappoints in First Term”. Apparently this is Obama’s second chance to show his commitment to Africa.

My question is this: Why?! Why should Obama do anything for Africa? Because he’s black? Because his father was African? Because he seems like a nice guy? President Barack Hussein Obama is the president of the United States of America…in case you don’t know where that is, it’s not in Africa.

I’m sick and tired of this somewhat victim mentality that sees us Africans looking for help from elsewhere. I know and never underestimate the impact of hundreds of years of abuse in the form of slavery, colonisation, and apartheid. It’s devastating and its effects are passed down through generations. My own mother wasn’t able to go to school let alone her parents.

I know we suffer from a form of Post Traumatuc Stress Disorder (PTSD) but we need to heal. This inferiority complex has to go. We must start looking at ourselves in the mirror and start seeing a strong sovereign soul that has never ending belief and ability. One that throws away his Oliver Twist bowl and says “Fuck asking for more, I’m going to make myself a lot more”. I AM African!

Like I said before, Obama’s first priority is the people of the United States and rightly so. He’s their president, not ours. Should we celebrate his success? Of course, if you want to. Should he be an inspiration to us? Of course. I personally love Obama. He’s young (younger than most anyway), he’s fresh, he mobilised the normally politically apathetic youth of America to be involved in politics, and that’s just amazing. He’s black and can only be a positive for race relations in the U.S. But do I lie and wait for him to come to Africa and save me? From who? Myself? ‘Cause that’s who’s the real problem here. Me! I am my own worst enemy.

Obama isn’t African regardless of what you may want to tell yourself. WE are Africans and this is Africa, our Mother land, the land our forefathers tilled under the hottest of African suns. Africa is ours. She is our responsibility, as are her problems. You want Africa fixed, then get up, get out , and play your part. Leave Obama out of it.

The way I see it, there is nothing wrong with Africa that cannot be fixed by all that is right with Africa. *Just scribbling my thoughts!*

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One comment on “Hey Africa, Obama isn’t Jesus…not your Jesus anyway

  1. nandipha says:

    Wow! *claps slowly*. Those who have ears, hear. Such an awakening reality. Thank you.


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