Forget the officials, fix the game!

Today I want to rant about one of the most useless organisations in the world…and no, I don’t mean the United Nations, I mean one even more useless than that. I am of course referring to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association or, as it is commonly known, FIFA.

For those who have never heard of this incompetent and apathetic organisation, FIFA is the international governing body of association football; they basically run world football.

*A quick note for my American friends, by football I’m referring to “soccer” rather than your gladiator-esque Gridiron football*

As I was saying, FIFA is the most useless and counterproductive organisation on planet earth today. There are boy scouts out there operating better than FIFA. Last night’s match between Chelsea and Manchester United was marred by dismal refereeing from a certain Mark Clattenburg. What was shaping up to be game of the season so far, soon became nothing more than a farce thanks to one ridiculous decision after another by a borderline Manchester United fan…yes, I’m talking about the referee.

I could go on about Mr Clattenburg’s (red) devilish ways forever but I think one should rather go to the source of the problem. Dodgy refereeing happens in every sport; be it in the form of human error or just “a bad day at the office”. The difference between football and other sports is that other sports’ organisations assist the referees and thus minimise the costs of bad referee calls.

For example, Cricket has TV replays and challenges, Tennis has challenges, Rugby has a TV referee, as does American football. Literally every sport on the planet has one way or another to assist referees review their decisions…except football. In football, we have to be content with phantom red cards, offside goals, dodgy penalties, diving, disallowed goals, etc. And what does FIFA do about all this nonsense plaguing the game? NOTHING!!! All it takes is a wee TV “upstairs” and we’ll get the game cleaned of all this rubbish. You don’t have to review every single one of the referee’s whistles; just the key game-changing decisions such as Red Cards, Penalties, and Disallowed Goals.

What’s worse about FIFA is, this isn’t the only issue they do nothing about. Racism is constantly rearing it’s head in Football. A few weeks ago, footballers like Rio Ferdinand and Jason Roberts refused to wear anti-racism t-shirts citing the fact that t-shirts alone won’t make a difference. And that’s the kind of futile action that FIFA loves to undertake. Instead of using their power to implement punitive measures against clubs that tolerate racist players and fans, they merely endorse t-shirts and leaflets.

The abuse of referees is another chronic disease plaguing football. At every other whistle, players rush towards the referees spewing foul insults straight to their faces. And guess who copies that sort of behaviour on the school grounds? And all it takes is for FIFA to issue a mandate stating that any player other than the captain who approaches the referee will be given an immediate yellow card (or flag, for the American contingent among us).

Long story short, FIFA president Sepp Blatter and his cronies can clean up football with just a click of their fingers, but instead they sit in their plush headquarters strategically located in the tax haven that is Zurich, Switzerland. Kick a ball on any continent and these folks are taking their cut. It all about the ca$h. Well Sepp, the least you and your monions could do is YOUR FREAKING JOBS!!!

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