The joke’s on black folks…it always is.


At first glance, this picture of these two lads playing chess is hilarious. In fact, it’s hilarious at second and third glances too.

If you don’t see what’s funny about it then your life must be ignorantly bliss. But not to worry, I’ll give you a quick description:

The gentleman in the white glad rags belongs to the Ku Klux Klan (that’s their “uniform” he’s donning). The Klan, as it is affectionately known by its “constituents”, is a far right (quite far) organisation that promotes and believes in extremist reactionary currents such as white supremacy, white nationalism, white everything really. Needless to say, they “don’t take too kindly to niggers”.

And obviously, the other gentleman is a “gangster from the hood”, and evidently he “doesn’t take too kindly to crackers” either…hence the toys they’ve both placed on the table.

Now you get the joke, right? No? Ah, forget about it. 🙂

Strangely enough, what I thought when I saw the picture was they both kill black people.


15 comments on “The joke’s on black folks…it always is.

  1. mrs fringe says:

    Very powerful. That image, and your last line, will resonate for a long time.


  2. thelyniezian says:

    “Strangely enough, what I thought when I saw the picture was they both kill black people”

    I have to say I didn’t… more like they’re likely to kill each other. (That, and huge knives look deceptively more nasty and dangerous than guns… even though they’re not.)

    And I’m a white guy.

    It might well be true though, though it’s probably equally true that the black gangsta type wouldn’t kill other blacks because they’re black, but the Klansman on the other hand…


  3. Interesting point… there’s a lot of truth in that, sadly.


  4. Striking picture. Sad last line.


  5. Yeah that last sentence sends shivers up 1’s spine.


  6. harperfrommonroe says:

    That’s a risky opening gambit from Whitey.


  7. muchiez says:

    good post mate!


  8. Ras Writa says:

    Initially I thought you were going to refer to the fact that The Klan makes the move which decides the game.


  9. […] 10) The joke’s on black folks…it always is […]


  10. tgthatsme says:

    I took it as a black man matching wits with a white man. And if you bringing weapons well this is what I like.


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