Women continue to be screwed #HeritageDay

Did you know 75% of the world’s working hours are worked by women? And yet only 10% of the world’s income is earned by women. ONLY TEN PERCENT!!! That means men are working 25% of the world’s working hours and taking home 90% of the world’s pay packet.


Furthermore, the more education a woman has, the greater the disparity in her pay. In the U.S., women in professional specialty occupations were found to earn just 72.7% of what men in the same position earned, and women in upper level executive, administrative and managerial occupations earned even less at 72.3%.

As if that wasn’t enough, 50% of the world’s food is produced by women and yet only 1% of the world’s land is owned by women. Yeah, every time you eat food, 50% of it is produced by women while men own 99% of the land it was produced on.

4 comments on “Women continue to be screwed #HeritageDay

  1. Leopard says:

    Thanks for this. I find it bewildering when people say that there is no longer a need for feminism, that men and women are now equal.


  2. HOLAA! says:

    Thank you for this info. It is truly just…words cannot describe how far women still have to go. But we are proud of the battles we have won thus far. It all continues…


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