My Review of @BlocParty’s latest album, Four

The Bloc is back. After a over 2 year hiatus during which Kele made a solo record, Russell toured with Ash (and formed Pin Me Down), Gordon formed Young Legionnaire, and the Tong took a NY break, the 4-piece is back with a new album


So, did the break and all the extra-curricular activities help? It appears so! New album Four is a monster. Is it their best? No, that’s a title reserved for Silent Alarm and probably always will. But is it good? Yes, very. From the moment “So He Begins to Lie” kicks off, you know the Bloc is back. “3X3” picks up the pace even more. It’s like someone turned off the lights and turned on more amps.


The album turns to typical Brit indie-pop (done Bloc Party style) with melodic tracks like “Truth” following the ferocious “Kettling”. It isn’t all awesome. “Coliseum” starts off somewhat folky which is unbecoming of a Bloc Party record. But they do rescue it halfway through. Nonetheless, the QOTSA-esque “We’re Not Good People” makes up for it closing the record in superb style.


Over and above, Four is a fantastic album as evidenced by lead single “Octopus”. The legendary Earls Court is coming up in February. But until then, bring on Jo’burg!


Tracks to watch: “V.A.L.I.S” and “Day Four”

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