Juju’s Malema’s biggest problem is premature ejaculation

There is no doubt that Juju is the king demagogue in this country. He is very good at talking to popular desires and prejudices and not always using rational argument. But you know what? It works, extremely well. You think you can get people to walk from Johannesburg to Pretoria by being rational? Hell no. Demagoguery my friend…pure unadulterated demagoguery.

So where does Juju go wrong? Premature ejaculation. Juju gets so excited with any progress that he ends up taking it too far, too quick. You can’t appeal to the miners’ plight one day then try take over the Defence Forces the next. Or make people walk 50km then wena you fly to Mauritius the very next day.

Hayi Juju! South Africa is like a woman, a very beautiful woman. Stroke her, kiss her, get some foreplay in there. Take your time, make her shriek in ecstasy and she will be yours. Ejaculate prematurely and she’s gone.


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